change your workspace with custom keyboards & keycaps change your workspace with custom keyboards & keycaps

Create custom Keyboard

Create a custom mechanical keyboard now with our creative studio. You can have your images printed on it.

No color limitation

If you're looking to personalize your keyboard keycaps with your own designs, having lots of color options is really important. Our keycap printer has a big plus compared to other sellers because it can print keycaps in any color you want, giving you complete freedom to create something unique.


We deliver worldwide, reaching nearly every nation across the globe!


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Earth Care

Adopt sustainable practices to safeguard our Earth.

What Our Customers Are Saying


The custom pattern on the keycaps is a game-changer! Thanks, Gimsuncustom for the incredible attention to detail.

Alex M

Absolutely in love with the RGB effects on my new keyboard. It's a work of art. Kudos to Gimsuncustom!

Rachel W

Stellar craftsmanship on the keycaps! Gimsuncustom truly made my setup one-of-a-kind.

Michael T

The custom design on my keycaps is outstanding! Never thought my keyboard could look this cool. Thanks, Gimsuncustom!

Sophia K

The level of detail on my custom keycaps blew me away! Incredible skill.

Taylor G

The bespoke keycaps from Gimsuncustom are a touch of personal flair for my rig – absolutely love them!

Emma S

Just unboxed my custom keyboard from Gimsuncustom – the RGB lighting is truly next level. Pure magic!

Ethan J

Lighting up my gaming room with the amazing RGB keyboard I ordered. I'm in love with the colors!

Jordan B

Each key is a piece of art. The RGB effects make it even more stunning!

Morgan K
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