Office Mechanical Keyboard Recommendations

Given that you spend as much time typing on a mechanical keyboard as you do sleeping, why not invest in optimizing your workspace for maximum efficiency? There are various sizes and styles of mechanical keyboards suitable for office use, but today we'll explore some tips to streamline your workflow without the concern of noisy keystrokes disturbing your colleagues.

When constructing a mechanical folder expressly for office tasks, a key consideration is the layout you require. The necessity for a number pad varies depending on the type of job you're engaged in, so it's crucial to understand your needs beforehand. From my observations, programmers often prefer smaller boards, typically 60% keyboards without dedicated arrow keys (though you can obtain arrows through layer remapping using tools like VIA). If you don't require a numeric keypad, I suggest opting for a 65% or 75% keyboard; however, for those who do need one, a 96% keyboard is optimal as it occupies less desk space compared to a full-size 100% keyboard.

Once you've decided on the layout, the next step is to select the switches. Since this is for an office environment, silent switches are generally recommended to avoid disturbing colleagues if you're using it daily. However, if you're working from home where noise is less of a concern, feel free to choose otherwise.


After picking your switches, the most exciting part arrives—choosing your keycaps. The crucial thing to remember about keycaps is that you need to ensure they are compatible with your selected keyboard layout, as not all keycap sets fit all keyboards.

Office mechanical keyboards can be somewhat tricky because while you want to enjoy the benefits of using a mechanical keyboard, you also don't want to annoy those around you. I hope these tips have provided some valuable guidance on what to consider when setting up a keyboard for your work environment. If you’re fortunate enough to work from home, feel free to construct a keyboard that you can enjoy loudly!