What are Five-Sided Custom Keycaps?

Five-sided custom printed keycaps are uniquely designed keycaps that showcase a photo or design across five sides of the keycap. These keycaps undergo a superior printing process to ensure that your photo or design is displayed with clarity and precision. Crafted from materials built to endure the daily wear and tear, these keycaps promise durability.

Why Opt for Five-Sided Custom Printed Keycaps?

Opting for five-sided custom printed keycaps brings several benefits, primarily the ability to personalize your keyboard. Displaying your cherished photos, designs, and logos transforms your keyboard into an extension of your individuality, making it distinctively yours. It's an excellent method for expressing yourself and ensuring your keyboard stands out.

Another advantage of these keycaps is the use of high-grade materials in their construction. Designed for resilience and longevity, you can be reassured of their durability, eliminating concerns about wear or fading over time. They represent a sound investment for anyone looking to customize their keyboard.

5 Sided Printed & Single Sided Printed

How to Order Five-Sided Custom Printed Keycaps?

Ordering five-sided custom printed keycaps is straightforward. Click our website's Customize keycaps button. Upload your chosen photo or design, and pick your preferred keycap profile and color. We will then proceed to create your custom keycaps and deliver them to you.

We employ high-quality materials and a printing technique that yields crisp and vibrant images.

5 Sided Printed Keycaps

Five-sided custom printed keycaps serve as an excellent way to inject a personal touch into your keyboard. Utilizing high-quality materials, these keycaps prominently feature a photo or design on five sides. The ordering process is simple, offering a selection of profiles and colors. So, why not elevate your keyboard with five-sided custom-printed keycaps today?